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This is instructions to build a silencer for the Spud Boy spud gun on this web site, but you could probably adapt it to any spud gun.
2-3" to 2" PVC reducer
1-3' x 2" diameter pressure rated PVC
1-2" male threaded PVC adapter
Can of PVC cement
Some cotton or furnace filter fabric or polyester fiber fill also works
Tools required:
1-electric drill
1-electric drill bit
1-file (to bevel the end of the barrel)
1.Cut the PVC to correct lenght (if not all ready the correct lenght)
2.Cement the 2" male threaded adapter to one end of the 3' PVC pipe.
plans will be finished shortly...

Spud Gun Silencer Plans coming soon...

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If you have a interesting spud gun story e-mail it to me and i'll put on this site.